WhatsApp Launches ‘Search the Web’ Tool to Prevent Misinformation

  • 04-08-2020 |
  • Anna Richardson|
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WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that allows its users to quickly identify fake news. You’ve probably already noticed a magnifying glass icon next to the messages that have been forwarded multiple times. If you tap this icon, the swift online search for the message’s contents will immediately start. As a result, you will be able to verify all the details and, thus, avoid misinformation.


For instance, if you receive a viral message stating that, say, vitamin C and zinc cure COVID-19, you can easily verify this information by making use of the ‘Search the Web’ tool. The new ‘Search the Web’ feature is just the latest step that WhatsApp has taken to prevent the spread of fake news on its platform. A few months ago, the company placed new limits on the forwarding of viral messages. Today, viral messages can only be forwarded on to one more person.

So, how do you like the idea of double-checking forwarded messages? Have you already tried using this new WhatsApp feature? Or do you just blindly forward these false-news messages to your friends? Feel free to share your opinion on the feature in the comment section below and get the discussion going. Medical misinformation is an important problem of today’s world, and your two cents would be very much appreciated

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