Find My iPhone review

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone review

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Find My iPhone is the app that helps you to find the location of your iPhone no matter where it is. The app was created by Apple and is popular among users. It is free of charge and offers advanced services.


Design of Find My iPhone app is simple. All the buttons are signed and intuitive. The main tools are available on the panel below. You can go back to the menu by tapping. All in the left upper corner. You will see the map in front of you and the phone’s location on it. The map is detailed, and you can always enlarge it, to find out where your phone is specifically. While all the buttons are in front of you, the design of the app looks a little bit plain, considering it is native and made by Apple.

Services Find My iPhone Provide

Its main task is to help you to find the phone you’ve lost. The app works great not only for iPhone, but for Mac, iPod touch, and iPad. While the gadget is being searched, Apple helps you to protect the data. The most beneficial features of Find My iPhone:

  • Watch your device on the map in a real-time;
  • No matter whether your phone is currently on the silent mode or not, you can remotely force it to play audio signal for 2 minutes;
  • Lock the phone with advanced password from a distance;
  • Send the message on the Lock Screen of your phone;
  • Check out the history of phone’s location in the Lost Mode;
  • The app suggests the shortest road to the phone;
  • You can erase all the data from the photo remotely.

Specific Requirements

To find your iOS device, it must run on the iOS platform. For the Find My iPhone 4.0 update, the requirement is iOS 8 system or later. You also need to be registered in iCloud. You may create the Apple ID for free and use it with iCloud on your device. Besides, you are going to need the WiFi or the Internet on your phone. You don’t have to learn anything specific about the phone, follow the detailed instructions app.


Find My iPhone app is not hard to navigate. It is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. You can start by entering your phone number and your ID details. Follow the guidance from the app. There is a step by step instruction that simplifies the whole process. Check out the current location of your phone on the map. There are written and highlighted in different colors suggestions you need to perform. All the tools are right in front of you.

Hot or Not?

Find My iPhone has a plain but clear design. It is a helpful app for everyone who has an iOS device, whether mobile or desktop. I recommend installing this app right after you buy the iPhone. This app helps to find a lost phone in no time, sending a loud signal on it. It is free of charge and does not contain any annoying ads.



Diminish any possibility of losing your iOS device by installing Find My iPhone app on your iOS devices. Utilize this splendid app to locate your device in the shortest span. However, ensure that you have an active internet connection for the efficient functioning of the app.


  • Helps to find the phone
  • Works on all iOS devices
  • Free of charge.


  • Requires Internet connection
  • You need to be an owner of the iPhone.


Find My iPhone Find My iPhone

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