Fortnite review


Fortnite review

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Fortnite is a battle royale game that welcomes you on the exotic island. You have to survive there against 99 rivals. The game is free of charge and available on an iOS mobile platform.

Vivid Graphics

Fortnite graphics are bright and colorful. You receive the ability to explore every area on the map of the mysterious island. I suggest you do it in the first place since the map shrinks significantly to push all 100 rivals to face. The game is a mix of shooter and survival genres so that you will have a wide range of various weapons. Search the territory for them. Another outstanding collectible thing in the game is skins. Experienced players prefer to buy skins to express their identity. You can use basic skin, which is also beautiful.

Is There a Plot?

Many players believe there is no plot in the Fortnite. However, it is not true. In battle royale mode, you start the game flying on a party bus with other competitors above the island. You are getting dropped there, and you all fall randomly with a parachute on the land. Right after the landing, you have to search for weapons, shelter. You can even find vehicles which may be handy if you want to travel around the island or escape the attack.

The game allows you to play solo, duo, or in a team of 4 players. The last player or team that survived the severe toxic storm that shrinks map, hostile rivals, and multiple other obstacles on the way, is a winner. Whenever you feel like you are tired of the fight, you can visit the party hub and dance with your friends.


Fortnite is not a simple game to play. Many newcomers quickly end up killed by other players during the first minutes in the game. Battle Royale is a genre for experienced players. And even they prefer to team up with each other to increase chances for victory. The game is getting more complicated right after the map pushes rivals towards each other. With a wide range of weapons, it is only a matter of time when the shooting begins.

Free of Charge

Fortnite is free of charge game that offers numerous in-game purchases. The battle passes can be stuffed with seasonal updates and numerous goods. For real currency, you can improve your weapon and change the skin into a more advanced one. However, you don’t have to pay for anything if you don’t want to.

Hot or Not?

The game is worth downloading on your mobile. While it requires a strong Internet connection and powerful battery, it offers multiple entertainments you don’t want to miss. The battle royale mode may be challenging but incredibly interesting. Party hub usually welcomes famous artists who organize concerts for Fortnite players.



Fortnite Battle Royale for iOS is an amazing mobile port of the epic game, designed by Epic games. It doesn't suffer from any obnoxious and extreme tech-performance hiccups, apart from those cause by the instable connectivity. It wisely pairs opponents, allows seamless synchronization and also lets you stay on top of your game. Even if you can't monitor what's going on around acoustically. Fortnite for iOS is an awe-inspiring gift for both Apple and Fortnite fans


  • Bright graphics
  • Wide range of weapons and skins
  • Multiple tasks in gameplay
  • Free of charge.


  • It requires a strong Internet connection
  • The game may be challenging for newbies.


Fortnite Fortnite

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