Proper nutrition for the student – For the student

The life of modern student is very diverse and rich, characterized by the presence of a serious surge of the nervous system and the lack of willingness of students to monitor their health. Especially the increase of load during the session – chronic lack of sleep, disturbance of diet, rest and sleep, intensive information load often the cause of nervous and psychological breakdowns, the emergence of serious problems with health and well-being. And if you reduce the load rarely, to maintain the body balanced nutrition student simply must.

The main problem in the nutrition of the student is irregular – usually, young people eat 1-2 times a day and large portions, trying to satisfy the hunger for the whole day. Also, a big mistake are snacking anywhere, which leads to the use of poor quality food, often becoming the cause of poisoning. It is better to eat in the student canteen, something to eat in a popular fast food restaurant. Especially since today not only the capital’s universities but also provincial schools and studios, even the driving school of Novosibirsk have their own canteen where you can eat a tasty and inexpensive meal.

In order to withstand psychological stress and always be in good shape, the student needs to remember a few rules of a balanced diet. The most important that the body receives all the main components in sufficient quantities – are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, microelements, macroelements. The caloric intake must match the energy cost of the organism, which depends on individual characteristics (weight, height, degree of emotional and physical stress, age). Thus, in a period of serious overvoltages need to eat a greater volume of food to compensate for energy costs.

The diet should include the main sources of protein are dairy products, eggs, fish, meat. Also the food should contain fats, one third of which occur in vegetable fats. Fish can improve brain activity and will be a good prevention of atherosclerosis. Of great importance are carbohydrates that act as fuel cells of the brain. Potatoes, bread, sugar, cereals, confectionery, chocolate – the main sources of carbohydrates but do not use them much to get involved, because in excess, these products can cause the appearance of extra pounds.

The main sources of vitamins are fruits and vegetables, herbs, so they must be present in the diet of the student. Not necessarily for the day to eat pounds of apples and mountains of tomatoes, but preferably a day to eat at least 200-300 grams of vegetables and fruits, a few greens. Moreover, this food contains the minimum amount of calories that gives you the opportunity to saturate the brain in nutrients and do not gain weight.

During heavy loads, a student must drink the required amount of liquid. For an adult it is about one and a half liters of fluid a day and only half of this amount may consist of teas, coffees, drinks and soups. The second half should be purified water, which will allow the body to experience thirst. In the summer, when a large amount of sweat, it is desirable to increase this volume up to two liters of fluid a day.

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